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Flint City Bucks

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Re: Flint City Bucks

Post by lovinlife101 » Wed Aug 19, 2020 1:53 pm

sinklair wrote:
Wed Aug 19, 2020 1:38 pm
If you were one of the five fans of the Flint City Bucks soccer team and were depressed that, due to COVID-19, you aren’t able to watch the games in person... congratulations! Following the lukewarm success of Cornhole tournaments, CW46 (it’s a real station) will be televising upcoming Bucks games.

Here’s the announcement (which was not posted on as of this posting — wanna bet that changes after one of the ASSistant GM who monitors the Buzzboard religiously sees it?): ... ys-on-cw46

If you think there was a H*** outcry for this type of live local sports programming, think again. If there was an audience, it would have been put on one of their main channels, not CW46. In addition, funding was secured after the station and team received a handout from the Community Foundation of Flint. (A good story for Mlive or another outlet to pick up!)

While TV stations are hurting from the lack of advertising, with as many problems that Flint currently has, is this really the best use of charity funds? Broadcasting soccer games? If the Director of Declining Sales can’t do his job and find advertisers, maybe we shouldn’t go through the enormous effort to broadcast six games.

The Mid-Michigan Mother Buckers are back, yo!

The LGBTQIA+ community will love this, since only gays love soccer.

Is this a "special project" where "Don't-know-when-to-quit William Jefferson 'Hot Rod' Harris" will provide sideline reports? I bet there will be an amazing pre-game and post-game show. That, or it will be stunned silence as only the photographer (of tripod holding the camera) will see this disaster.

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