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Don Cherry fired from Sportsnet

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Re: Don Cherry fired from Sportsnet

Post by MWmetalhead » Thu Nov 14, 2019 7:07 am

Cherry was slandering immigrants as a group and characterized them as ungrateful moochers. ("You people...that come here and enjoy our milk and honey!!!)

The remarks were bigoted, and the man refused every opportunity to amend or clarify his remarks. He 100 percent deserved to be fired.

He took a stroll through town, saw some people with presumably dark complexion skin weren't wearing a poppy, and then decided to rant against all immigrants on national TV on a friggin SPORTS broadcast.

All he had to say that night was "I've noticed some people today who weren't wearing a poppy. It disturbed me. Our troops pay the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms and prosperity. The least we as Canadians could do is pay the $2 and wear one to publicly show our appreciation for all they do."

The man (Cherry) is such a blockhead that I don't think he realizes his generalization of immigrants is what made his comments unacceptable.

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