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Post by brianp48093 » Sat Apr 11, 2020 12:59 pm

Fuck it. U need landscaping stuff, drive to Ohio and stock up. If Michigan doesn’t want the revenue, give it to Ohio. It will be just like back in the day for fireworks. Nice simple drive (at least for southeast Michigan) Nothing wrong with a road trip...nothing else to do.

As far as traveling to a second home...fuck that DemocRAT bitch. I’m heading up to my cabin later today for a couple days. Oh and by the way, I’ll be riding the RZR and the quads. Business as usual. Don't like it? Fuck you.

As much as Warren's mayor is a doucheknob I'll give him props for NOT enforcing landscapers working in the city. Roseville isn't enforcing either. Soon enough, more cities will follow.

It's a sanitation issue. Tall Grass attracts mice, rats, mosquitoes etc. Not only that, who the hell wants their neighborhood to look like Detoilet?

Open everything up. You know the risks. If you're old, sick, etc YOU STAY IN QUARANTINE. WHY should the majority of the population have to be inconvenienced??? Enough is enough. I'm sure there's lots of people that don't live with susceptible people. They live alone. They both had it. They don't go to their elderly relatives house. I've been doing everything I've done all along. This quarantine means nothing me.

I had Covid 19. Very mild symptoms. I cut my fucking grass while "sick" it was a breeze. I've been much much sick before with regular flu.

If you are old, susceptible etc STAY AT HOME AND YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. Let people that recovered GET BACK TO WORK.

Posts: 41
Joined: Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:16 pm


Post by brianp48093 » Sat Apr 11, 2020 2:11 pm

I had a slight fever. Headache, body aches, loss of taste and smell. Slight cough. It felt like a very mild flu.

I 100% had it. My girlfriend and I shared a joint (and body fluids) a few times a week before And a day before she got sick. She got a test and was positive. She got a test because her Dr insisted it was necessary due to asthma and some other health ailment.

Her symptoms never got bad and was only a little worse than mine. Hell, we got together while sick and had a beer and some smoke.


We are now fully recovered. WHY can’t we go back to work?? Get anyone who recovered back to work...any little bit helps the economy come back. No. Instead, our Governor is more concerned about stopping people from doing home improvements on inside and outside of YOUR HOME. What about people that have a garden? Grow their own vegetables and fruit. They now can’t buy seeds. So fucking stupid and short sighted.

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