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'aids' advances for T1 diabetics

Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2019 9:39 am
by kager
In a world where it seems like most of the diabetes efforts, new products & news/advertising is aimed towards Type 2 diabetes, those affected by Type 1 (aka juvenile or insulin-dependent) diabetes have reason to be very optimistic:

The dream of a widely-available 'automatic insulin delivery system' (sometimes referred to as an artificial or 'bionic' pancreas) looks to be much closer to reality, thanks to T1 community DIYers following a mantra of “We are not waiting”...

"The diabetes patients who hacked a pancreas"

"By about 2014, a tech-savvy diabetic could trade multiple daily injections and finger pricks for an insulin pump and a CGM.

But there was a basic flaw in all the new diabetic technology: The pump didn’t talk to the CGM. That meant that none of these devices worked together to do what a pancreas does: help keep blood sugar in check by automatically dosing insulin as needed. And a mistake in dosing could be fatal.