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Conspiracy Theory Game. Let’s ALL play!

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screen glare
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Conspiracy Theory Game. Let’s ALL play!

Post by screen glare » Sun Oct 06, 2019 8:02 pm

I’m feeling left out of the wild wild right wing neo-con neo-Nazi alt right republican party Rudy Giuliani-style Conspiracy Theory Game.

You know. You just make up stuff out of thin air to explain away any multi-sourced fact or fact series that threatens your ultimate geo-political, religious, or financial power goals. And then spread it around on a media platform or platforms.

After watching the shouting republican US senator from Wisconsin sputtering, erupting, and interrupting this morning on Sunday’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd - while fiddling with the papers he’d brought to try to read from - I decided I want to deflect from questions I don’t want to answer with wild, wild, wild conspiracy theories - as the senator on the hot seat was doing for Donald Trump’s viewing pleasure.

So here goes: the reason this normally calm interviewee went China Syndrome Meltdown right outta the gate when faced with a quotation of his own words - is because he and fellow deer-in-the-headlight republican lawmakers are paralyzed with fear that Trump will release compromising photos of them if they don’t defend his lawless, crazy, oath-busting behaviors. AND - Trump has those pics and videos via his pedophile buddy - the late Mr. Jeffrey Epstein. Who he and Barr had killed in a murder-look-like-suicide hit job.

One hour earlier on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos - lawmaker (pedophile wrestling coach?) Jordan reacted in a similar non-answer, deflect-with-conspiracy-theories fashion as George asked another very uncomfortable question of lean-in-and-spit Jordy multiple times.

It’s the same with Senator Lindsay Graham. One meeting on the golf course with Trump and little Linds was a new man - with exactly the opposite beliefs and explanations of Trump behaviors as he’d ever held before. An overnight sea change!

Yep. Gotta be that Trump has Epstein’s stash of career-ending pics and tapes - including those of himself - the threat of which is driving these men to latch onto conspiracy theories - no matter how debunked - that will justify, exonerate, or explain Trump’s impeachable acts.

screen glare
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Re: Conspiracy Theory Game. Let’s ALL play!

Post by screen glare » Mon Oct 07, 2019 11:55 am

Another conspiracy theory - worthy of a Bannon-designed sticky ‘Breitbart Seal Of Approval’ - is that Vlad-the-Invader is helping his Trump puppet control republican lawmakers - by sending whispering comrades to remind them how easily Putin silences his outspoken critics - wherever they are found. As covered in the US press.

However - with breaking news this morning - that Trump is abandoning our Kurdish allies in Syria - in advance of their slaughter via Turkey’s newly announced offensive - delighting many enemies of The United States of America - perhaps THIS conspiracy theory needs tweaking.

Just listen to the rare public criticism today by republicans against Trump’s US-military-support VANISHING ACT!!

Every well-known republican from Senator Lindsay Graham to former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee to former UN ambassador Nikki Haley is essentially saying - Trump is abandoning American trustworthiness (as in never abandoning our allies) and instead giving comfort to our enemies: ISIS, IRAN, and gas-the-kids-Assad! Not to mention China, and Vlad-the-Invader’s Russia!!!!!!!

Of course - The Pentagon is also going balls-to-the-wall DEFCON NUTS!

Could it be that those usually lock-step-with-Trump republican officials care more about our country than their political DJT cult leader?


There must be some other explanation for their wagging anti-Trump tongues.

Stay tuned, Patriots. John McCain and other US veterans no longer with us are lucky - that they never lived to see this new chapter of Trump’s treason.

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Re: Conspiracy Theory Game. Let’s ALL play!

Post by bmw » Mon Oct 07, 2019 12:28 pm

My favorite conspiracy theory to date is that Trump won the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania not because the election was open and fair, but because Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to win those states and hence win the electoral college.

screen glare
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Re: Conspiracy Theory Game. Let’s ALL play!

Post by screen glare » Mon Oct 07, 2019 5:12 pm

bmw - read every page of the Mueller Report and get back to us.

Seeing for yourself is a wonderful thing. Instead of learning what the report says - according to William Barr, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Rush job, mother Tucker, Hannity.

Our 2016 election was NOT - as you insist - “open and fair”. You seem to take for granted our Constitution, structure of government, and dangerous risk - if a candidate or president is complicit (or worse) with a foreign government - regarding a US election. Expensively funded, secret, effective, high tech cyber warfare election interference - conceived and conducted by KGB-trained dictator Putin and his Russia - has forever tainted the reliability of our elections. Because his propped up puppet Trump has refused to fix the vulnerabilities which allowed such taint in the first place.

Russia under the tyranny of Vlad-the-Invader is carrying out its earlier promise to destroy our country from within.

But you go right ahead and not believe it, bmw. As the song warns - “Don’t it always seem to go - that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.”

Your reckless, “easy come easy go”, “they’re just sore losers” mindset is an abomination. But you’re too smug to reverse course, quit the Trump cult mantra, and come to the aid of your beloved country.

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