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Michigan's EM law as written is f*cked up!!!

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Michigan's EM law as written is f*cked up!!!

Post by MWmetalhead » Sun Apr 24, 2016 7:42 am

So, let me get this straight:
--Earley allows a disastrous switch to the Flint water treatment plant to move forward
--Earley does zilch to ensure citizen concerns regarding water quality are properly addressed
--Earley lied (on multiple occasions) regarding who authorized the switch to the Flint River as a temporary drinking water source (he incorrectly claimed it was the city council and mayor when in fact it was one of his EM predecessors who made the call) the city he helped throw into a crisis situation has to pay HIS legal bills???? YOU'VE GOT TO BE F*CKING KIDDING ME.

The State of Michigan - more specifically, our inept governor - appointed him as EM!!! The city had little to no say in the matter. Why on earth should they have to reimburse the legal bills of a bad actor over whom they had zero oversight???

Every media outlet in town should be pounding this story like crazy. ... /83382484/

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