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Wings and coaching

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:35 pm
by Art Van Damme
Aside from the underdeveloped talent coming up from the Griffs to take the place of injured players, the Wings aren’t totally el sucko. The latest losses have been 1-goal games, not blowouts.

What is irritating the hell out of me is the coaching. Jeff Blashill is a good guy. He really means well. He has, however, been getting out-coached every game, until now. Dan Bylsma has been play-calling for the past few games. I’ve noticed never before seen, faster plays. Thank God Bylsma is there because the Wings would be dead last at this point.

Speaking of dead last, Doug Houda better get his defensive shit together. Leaving your goalie out to dry for no good reason is unacceptable. It happens time and time again. Weak backchecking is failure. That blue line is not a welcome mat. And for gosh sakes BENCH JONATHAN ERICSSON. He is a defensive boob.

Is it possible that Bylsma will be the next head coach or will we continue with the folliclely challenged triplets calling AHL caliber plays expecting them to work in the NHL?

Hugs and kisses.