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Can't They Just Let It Go?

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 5:32 pm
by CK-722
They were talking again (repeat broadcast) on Guy Gordon on WJR to the Farmington Cheerleaders who are still maintaining that their former Coach was racially motivated for saying their routine made them look like strippers. I went to their coach's high school, and I knew her brother and several of her ex in laws. I know they were brought up strictly, and some of the teachers there who may have influenced her were also very strict. One of the teachers called me out for yawning in class in tenth grade. She was also the teacher responsible for the student cadet teaching program, and sent a number of young ladies (who were White) home to change their skirts if they were too short. Not suspended, not even to the principal's office, but home to change.

I think, given what I know, that this is GENERATIONAL, not racially motivated. I agree with the results of the school's investigation, that there was no Title IX violation or racial bias motivation. Just an upbringing and life influence result. That head of the cadet teacher program also helped several students of modest means pay for Medical School. She just wanted us to all grow up to be ladies and gentlemen, and reach our highest potential. She also helped socially troubled students, one of which was a cousin of mine, and as I was told the rest by her ex SIL. Angela came from a fine extended family, and a public high school that was once second to none. It influenced her and many others to become successful.

Please do not call it anything worse than thinking out loud deemed to be politically incorrect.

Re: Can't They Just Let It Go?

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 7:56 am
by MWmetalhead
Angela Leach - the Harrison Asst. Principal - might not be racist, but she sure seems like a total you-know-what based on her actions that day.

Some school administrators let power get to their heads. They feel "big" by harassing students.

If she had issues with how the cheerleaders were dressed, she should have had a conversation with the squad's coach as opposed to insulting the students. Ms. Leach set a horrible example that day.

I suspect the students' parents were insulted far more than the students themselves. I don't blame them for feeling that way.

I think Leach should've been placed on short-term suspension without pay and forced to apologize to all district students & residents at a board meeting. In fact, if she was a person of strong moral character, she would've offered to apologize publicly in that manner.

Re: Can't They Just Let It Go?

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 4:12 am
by CK-722
I think it is odd that there has been no mention of who her ex is in any of this. Not that it's directly relevant. I had not heard about that, even though there was her recent HS reunion described in detail online, as I recall he was there from the account(ex is 1 yr. younger so not in the same class) and oddly enough, about that time, her ex also appeared at the new Kroger store at 23 and Hayes to sign autographs.

Being from a second generation sports family on both sides, she may have some kind of entitlement thing, as I don't know her personally, just her brother and several members of her ex's family. They were all quiet and pleasant and nice to me, even though they probably thought I was a "spazz".

Oddly enough, my next door neighbor in Shelby also coached Basketball there in the city that has to be mentioned in hushed tones, and knew them. He and his family were also as nice as can be to me. So maybe its just her proud sports/teaching heritage, but its not racial, which is what the personal injury lawyers will undoubtedly maintain. I haven't heard Mr. F comment yet.

I saw the lyrics to the track the cheerleaders were to dance to, and it is horrendous in my opinion. For her to think out loud was just an accident. Just wait till they have machines that read peoples' minds. And they are anxiously working on it in the guise of predicting crime. In "1984", it was called thought crime, and we are in a serious downward spiral for any kind of freedom in the world if this is where we are headed. Of course, it was a Rhodes Scholar who wrote that "freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." I'm sure they were very proud of his song at the Scholarship Committee.

I guess we just disagree, MW, regardless of what guts and glue we have in common.