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Bands that were once good, but now they suck

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Bands that were once good, but now they suck

Post by bmw » Mon Jan 27, 2020 10:44 pm

Feel free to include bands that no longer make music but went downhill in their later years.

I'll start this list with a few current bands:

-Maroon 5. I actually really enjoyed their debut album. Even their next 2 albums had a few good songs. But starting with their "Overexposed" album in 2012, every song is utter trash.

-Incubus. I like a lot of their music through about 2007. Haven't care for any of it since.

-Nickelback. I know they are the butt of many jokes for being one of the worst "rock" bands of all time, but I thought "The State" and "Silver Side Up" were decent albums.

-Pink. Really liked her debut album. Her second album was OK. Now I absolutely CANNOT STAND anything after that.

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