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Downriver AM transmitters

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Re: Downriver AM transmitters

Post by CK-722 » Thu Jun 04, 2020 10:11 am

Here's the WCAR/WDFN History Card. It takes a while to load. I don't think that the old WCAR tower was used in the WPON array. Both sites, not sure how close together they were, were near Square Lake and Telegraph Rd. They originally wanted to build the new array on Grosse Isle. They were originally on 1100 kHz.

Wikipedia is often so incomplete and inaccurate, for instance it doesn't have any information on moving from Pontiac to Detroit, that I had to wait for the History Card to load. It says that the new facility, now within the City of Gibraltar, moved there in 1952. When WLS started calling itself "The Rock Of Chicago", many copycat "Rocks of" surfaced. WCAR became "The Rock Of Detroit". I always thought that it would have been more accurate to call it "The Rock Of Gibraltar". ... r_id=51362

"The Giant 1130" Top 40 format was programmed by a man named Conrad Jerome Jones, who claimed his given name was CJ Jones. I have known a couple of people whose actual names were just two letters, but apparently he didn't want his given name used professionally. He had had great success with WFDF's Top 40 format in 1970-1972, as "The Giant 91". New FM Top 40 and AOR formats, some dayparted, as Rock Stereo 105 (WWCK 105.5) was, and WDRQ 93Q 93.1 quickly took hold and shortened the success of many Top 40 AM formats. CJ Jones also programmed WJIM 1240 Lansing. The man who called himself "Robert R. Morgan" on WCAR, was actually Bob Burchett from WFDF (later WTRX and WDEE, and later WCXI). Since there was considerable overlap in the WFDF and WCAR signals, he used different names. With WTRX and WDEE, there was little overlap, so he used Bob Burchett on both. The same thing happened in the mid 1960s with the late legendary Terry Knapp/Knight, another "Jack The Bellboy" on WJBK, when he was on WTAC and CKLW.

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Re: Downriver AM transmitters

Post by Deleted User 15342 » Thu Jun 04, 2020 12:39 pm

Thanks CK-722, for some reason I thought both stations (at different times) used the same land but I was wrong in thinking that. Also I do know that WCAR-FM was assigned to 99.5 did they ever operate at that frequency, I know there was a 4 year gap 1960- 1964 that 99.5 was vacant any knowledge of that mess CK-722.

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