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End-of-summer Tropos

The technical side of broadcasting. Think IBOC is a sham? Talk about it here! How about HDTV? Post DX reports here as well.
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End-of-summer Tropos

Post by Chris1980 » Thu Sep 19, 2019 11:11 pm

Received from near Dewitt, late evening of 9/18-early morning of 9/19 (stations I typically receive are excluded unless they were unusually strong).

88.3 WEJC White Star
88.5 WYSA Wauseon OH (fighting with local WJOM)
88.7 WIAA Interlochen fighting with 89X
89.1 WEMU Ypsilanti (fighting with usual WLKB)
89.3 CKGW Chatham
89.9 CBE Windsor
90.3 WBLV Twin Lake (decoded RDS right next to behemoth WKAR-FM)
91.3 WGTE Toledo (overpowering WCSG)
92.5 WVKS Toledo / WFDX Atlanta / WBGV Marlette (no sign of local WJSZ for most of the period)
93.3 WBTU Kendallville IN (in WKQZ null)
93.5 CBCL London ON (in WHMI null)
93.7 WRCL Frankenmuth (in B93 null)
94.3 CKSY Chatham / WZOC Plymouth IN
94.5 WKLQ Holland (in WCEN null)
95.1 CKUE Chatham (in WFBE null)
95.9 CJWF Windsor (in Air 1 translator null)
96.1 WMAX Holland (fighting with WHNN)
96.3 WXKE Churubusco IN (in WDVD null)
96.7 CHYR Leamington (no sign of usual WUFN)
96.9 WNKL Wauseon OH (fighting with WLAV)
97.3 WMJO Essexville / WMEE Fort Wayne / WJZE Oak Harbor OH
97.7 WTGV Sandusky
98.1 WDFM Defiance OH (fighting with semi-local WKCQ)
101.1 unID with hockey game fighting with WRIF, possibly WGRY?
101.3 CKOT Tillsonburg ON (in WBFX null; the station formerly known as "The Heartbeat of Southwestern Ontario" was playing "Havana" by Camila Cabello - BLECH)
101.5 WRVF Toledo / WNSN South Bend / WWBN Tuscola
102.1 WLEW Bad Axe / WIMT Lima (fighting with semi-local WMUK)
102.3 WPOS Holland OH / CINA Windsor (along with usual WYBR)
102.5 WBZV Hudson (fighting with WIOG)
102.7 WRVM Suring WI (presumed) / WCPZ Sandusky OH (along with WDKL)
103.1 WNDH Napoleon OH / WQUS Lapeer (along with WOAP translator)
103.3 WQLB Tawas City (fighting with WKFR)
103.7 WCKY Pemberville (local strength)
103.9 WBZX Big Rapids / WLEN Adrian (fighting with WRSR)
104.1 WQAL Cleveland (fighting with WVGR)
104.7 WIOT Toledo (in null of W284AH)
105.1 WMGC Detroit completely overpowered the WKAR translator
105.7 WMJI Cleveland (in WSRW null)
106.3 WGLM Lakeview / WGER Saginaw, not unusual but unusually strong
106.5 WTOD Delta OH (fighting with WVFM)
107.1 WQKL Ann Arbor (fighting with usual WTLZ)
107.3 WNWV Elyria/Cleveland (fighting with WTNR)

In addition to this list, most Detroit FMs were in much stronger than usual. The only one that didn't show was WNIC; the WWSJ translator was too strong. Even CIMX and CIDR boomed in strong enough to trigger RDS.

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Re: End-of-summer Tropos

Post by Big Signal » Fri Sep 20, 2019 4:24 am

What's impressive is being able to null out B93 while in Dewitt, and hear WRCL Frankenmuth. (Especially with B93's power)

It's all about the money!

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