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I'm stumped

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Mega Hertz
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I'm stumped

Post by Mega Hertz » Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:57 am

I live in Brighton, right near the 23-96 interchange. I have a standard Pioneer VSX-D906S receiver in my music room DOWNSTAIRS and this morning, Grand Rapids is pounding in, better than more local stations (Detroit). I even got a decent mono signal on 104.9 from Alma. As I type this I have a solid stereo lock on WBBL 107.3. Also have a solid lock on 104.1, beating WRSR and WOMC, which should be more local.

I am getting z92-5 from Kokomo, Indiana, also. I can't figure it out. Every single GR station is coming in crystal clear in my basement...yet more local stations are hard to get. And here I am getting some kind of hip hop on 93.3, which is harder because I'm about 6 miles from the WHMI transmitter. This is by far the wackiest FM reception I've had since before HD signals.

Especially on the lower end of the dial, I'm getting a stereo lock on ALL frequencies. 95.1 is the only one I'm not getting a lock on. Someone help me out here. I don't get why this is happening.

94-5 The Q is pounding in now.

Now 95.7. I mean solid stereo signals.

This is weird. GR is local right now and Detroit is distant.

I understand tropospheric ducting and e skip, but I would appreciate any and all help on this one!

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Arthur Mometer
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Re: I'm stumped

Post by Arthur Mometer » Sun Jul 14, 2019 2:41 pm

Tropo favors certain distances and directions, usually. It's like you have a radio mirror at a certain direction and midpoint. Think what you could see with an optical mirror in the same place. There may be a larger or smaller mirror or more than one in different directions and midpoints.

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Re: I'm stumped

Post by k8jd » Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:08 pm

Distant signals today
When the weather conditions have a strong, steady, boundary between high and low pressure areas, VHF and UHF signals can ride along it for considerable distances beyond the radio horizon.

I would get complaints from some public safety radio system managers that got interference, and I had to tell them, there was little to be done but wait it out ! Maybe change channels to one that did not have a distant user on it. On one UHF system my customer had interference from a Hiway commission in northern Ohio fairly often, I helped the system managers negotiate a change on the Ohio system's CTCSS tone so it did not match the local user, so they did not activte our local PD repeater when the conditions opened up to distant signals.

There are some Amateur Radio operators who rely on repeaters to talk to local buddies and club members, that complain bitterly when distant signals disturb the local chit-chat, and on the other side there are other hams who jump on the air and contact anyone and everyone they can hear in the distance beyond everyday normal distances.

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