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500 Top-of-Hour IDs from Fremont

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500 Top-of-Hour IDs from Fremont

Post by cckadlec » Wed Jan 30, 2019 9:24 pm

Cross-posted from Grand Rapids category too, but figure many don't always browse a single region when they live elsewhere.

Here is my 500 Top-of-Hour IDs project as recorded from Fremont. It's a 6-hour audio documentary including legal IDs of 500 stations that are regularly heard here, plus 30 additional stations, bloopers, commentary, a 55-page guide, and Google Earth file including the tower sites and information for all stations.

For those who only have limited interest or only care about certain regions, I've included compilations for 14 regions separately, or you can use the guide, which lists start times for each frequency in the 6-hour MP3 to more easily find what you want.

The bulk of the stations were recorded between May and October with some editing through January with all station details, formats, call letters, etc. current as of Summer 2018.

Listen to 500 Top-of-Hour IDs: Fremont, Michigan

I hope some of you will check it out. :razz

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