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2020 predictions

Topics of general interest that just don't fit anywhere else.
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2020 predictions

Post by ftballfan » Tue Jan 07, 2020 4:33 pm

Anyone have 2020 predictions for broadcasting in Michigan?

I have a couple:
  • At least one license is not renewed in the upcoming license renewal cycle
  • The Masons retake operation of 107.5 WGPR at some point this year (or sell it outright)
  • EMF makes at least one buy in the state in addition to 98.9 WKLZ

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Re: 2020 predictions

Post by Trophyhead » Tue Jan 21, 2020 9:08 am

You should have called for the iHeart Staff Ax, and your credibility needle would have made a Super Jump.

Not picking on any of the presumptions you have made above, just a bit of gallows humor from someone who spent 14 years in a Clear Channel/iHeart newsroom, until that blade caught me.

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Re: 2020 predictions

Post by ftballfan » Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:24 am

Some more predictions, mostly from the crazy world of Northern Michigan radio. Some of these might be categorized as "things that should happen, but won't"
  • 96.3 WKLA and 98.7 WLDN swap places, with WKLA moving to the much stronger 98.7 and WLDN moving to the underperforming 96.3 (97.7 WMLQ and 98.7 WLDN have simulcast for several years despite those two pretty much overlapping)
  • If the WMOM license expires, WKLA should apply to move to 102.7 (I think a Class A on 102.7 would be fully spaced to WRVM from the WKZC tower, where WKLA broadcast from when it was on 106.3)
  • Interlochen Public Radio buys the silent 101.9 in TC and moves WICA there. 91.5 is spun off to The Promise FM, which currently has a good signal in most of Northern Michigan outside of TC proper
  • Either Midwestern or Black Diamond buys the silent 106.7 in Gaylord and moves one of their existing stations (WBCM for Midwestern or WWSS for Black Diamond) there, selling off 93.5 (if Midwestern)/95.3 (if Black Diamond) to a noncommercial broadcaster
  • At least one of the Henderson licenses is allowed to expire (most likely 100.1 WOUF and/or 750 WARD)
  • CMU spins off its 95.1 translator in TC to Midwestern, which will simulcast either 580 WTCM or 1310 WCCW on it
  • Smile FM spins off one of its TC translators (it has two with the same coverage area)
  • EMF buys 105.5 WSRJ to simulcast their new acquisition on 98.9
  • Northern Michigan sees a classic country station
  • Even with B93 losing Conrad, Thunder 107-3 doesn't see much of an uptick in the ratings
  • As the election creeps closer, WVGR sees record high ratings in Grand Rapids and possibly flirts with #1
  • Nielsen merges the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek radio markets
  • The iHeart mass layoffs don't really affect ratings
  • 97 LAV's ratings slide stops, but they don't go back up to where they were recently
  • Hot FM segues toward Rhythmic CHR
  • Either Cumulus or Entercom does layoffs, but not to the extent of iHeartRadio
  • No major changes happen in Detroit outside of whatever happens to WGPR

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Re: 2020 predictions

Post by ftballfan » Tue Jan 28, 2020 9:22 am

Michigan has had its first license cancellation of the year:

90.1 WLSO, which transitioned to online only in 2017, finally had its license cancelled earlier this month.

They had requested to return its license in 2017: ... r_id=93696

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