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Radio Voodoo

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Radio Voodoo

Post by sfpcc » Wed Jan 23, 2019 12:01 am

Has anyone heard of something called Radio Voodoo? (I heard the term from an episode GLOW on Netflix.) It's when you turn on the radio and the song fits the moment you are in now. This happened to me when I moved back to Michigan from Nebraska in 2003. Starting on on the trip, I turned on the car radio and heard It's Too Late To Turn Back Now by Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose.

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Re: Radio Voodoo

Post by Deleted User 14888 » Wed Jan 23, 2019 2:02 pm

I don’t know, but what the hell is Radio Ga Ga? Is that Lady Gaga on the radio? 😝 And what about Wall Of Voodoo you know the dudes that made the song “Mexican Radio” the answer to these and other questions on “AsThe Dial Spins”. On Oldies 84.

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